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Are you ready to go from Frustrating to Flourishing?

Yolanda Lupton Empowerment Speaker


Rest is essential to success! Women have been burning out even before the pandemic, and the line between work and life balance has become even more blurry lately. Hustling and grinding only lead to exhaustion. Let's find a better way to succeed by incorporating rest and recharge. The B.R.E.A.T.H.E. experience helps reset and reimagine success. I support women to gain clarity, excitement, and a sense of value by aligning with their goals and dreams. Ultimately, I empower them to know they have the freedom to choose!

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Yolanda Lupton Empowerment Speaker

STEP #1: breathe

Time to do some internal reflection and assessment.

Yolanda Lupton Empowerment Speaker


REimagine Yourself.

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Yolanda Lupton Empowerment Speaker

STEP #3: Educate/Inspire

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"Thanks Yolanda, for walking in your purpose and empowering your clients to live their best lives!"

Tracey M. Ross

President, Bridge of Support, Inc.

"She helped me design a path forward that honored my current commitments, as well as future goals."

Marja Humphrey


"Yolanda is truly one of a kind and I would recommend her to anyone looking to transform their life."

Nichole D.

"She has saved my butt many times, and if you have a chance to ask her about the questions and topics of discussion one must ask before entering a relationship, DO IT!”

Natalya M.

Your Relationship Matters! 

In today’s culture of “swipe left, swipe right” dating and finding relationships, we have a tendency to forget that relationships take time to build.  In Love Takes Time, authors Dr. Scott and Yolanda Lupton, take a close look at their relationship and marriage to glean principles for building and nurturing a marriage that can stand the test of time. The story is told from BOTH of their unique perspectives so you get what marriage feels like from the opposite sexes!

Loves Takes Time book

 Commitment, Trust and Love!

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