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Delve into the transformative stories of satisfied clients to visualize how I can assist you in reaching your goals. Uncover the potential impact on your life or business through their experiences.

"I reached out to Yolanda Lupton in 2018 for personal coaching because I had just started a nonprofit organization and wanted assurance that I had made the right decision.  I knew I had chosen the right Life Coach when I received a very detailed and professional welcome packet which included a coaching agreement, client information form, client history form, and home assignment that was required to be completed and submitted prior to my first session. 


What I received during my twelve-week session with Yolanda was far more than I had expected.  At times I felt like I had my own personal coach, mental health counselor, and business development consultant all rolled up into one.  Yolanda far exceeded my expectations and made every session meaningful and rewarding. 


Thanks Yolanda, for walking in your purpose and empowering your clients to live their best lives!"

Tracey M. Ross, President

Bridge of Support, Inc.

"Yolanda coached me at a time in my life when I felt like there was more I wanted to do, but I could not see how to get there. Her skillful questioning helped me to breathe life into dreams I had put on the back burner. Yolanda did not allow me to take the easy way out. She made me dig deep and get past the explanations and excuses I had used as “great reasons” why I couldn’t pursue what I desired. She helped me design a path forward that honored my current commitments, as well as future goals. Yolanda’s holistic approach encouraged me. As a result of our coaching sessions, I have greater confidence and clarity and I am experiencing success. Are you feeling stuck? Are you ready to reach your next level? Then I highly recommend coaching with Yolanda!"

Marja Humphrey, PhD, NCC

"Yolanda has been my go-to person when it comes to anything and all relationships. She never judges, always listens to everything you say, and always gives advice that is either straight from her own experience or her witnessing it with her friends/family, and it’s never sugar coated. She will tell you how it is and not baby you like some others would. She has saved my butt many times, and if you have a chance to ask her about the questions and topics of discussion one must ask before entering a relationship, DO IT!”  It will save you time, energy and minimize those “surprise” bumps that come with any relationship."

Natalya M.

"Yolanda came into my life at a time when God knew exactly what I needed. I was on the path to some higher callings in our sorority. Yolanda helped me navigate a path unknown. She is part cheerleader, part strategist, part listener, and part motivator. She has the unique ability to be exactly what you need at that time. She is able to take your sometimes all over the place thoughts and help you work them out so that they make sense and help bring a level of clarity of how best to navigate. She is always uplifting and positive which made opening up to her easy. It feels like after the first conversation like you have known her for years. You sometimes forget and have to explain stories that now feel like she was in them. She has been an amazing mentor that has me now more firmly in my calling. Yolanda is truly one of a kind and I would recommend her to anyone looking to transform their life."

Nichole D.

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