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Yolanda Lupton, President

Yolanda Lupton’s relatable and fun personality coupled with her easy smile, seem to beckon people to tell her their stories!  An attentive listener who loves people especially her husband Scott and their two girls, she has always been the girlfriend that others called for wisdom and advice. And some cake and cookies too!

Encouraged by one of her mentors, Yolanda decided to become a Certified Personal and Executive Coach through Valorie Burton's Coaching and Positive Psychology (CaPP) Institute.  Positive-Sum Communications was born out of her journey to discover her purpose and change the trajectory of her own life. Having come through many trials and obstacles in her personal and professional life of 23 years in Information Technology, Yolanda believes that her faith and resilience are key to not letting them become stumbling blocks. She uses the wisdom she has gained to serve others by identifying mindsets and habits that keep them stuck in their lives.

Mostly working with women and youth, Yolanda uses her warm personality, attentive listening and curiosity to engage others and help them visualize better versions of themselves. If you can SEE it, then you can BE it!  Are you ready? 

Yolanda Lupton speaker

"If you can
SEE it,
then you can
BE it!"

Yolanda Lupton

Positive Sum Communications
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